Dear Pastor,      

                After two years of prayer and pastoral counsel, my family is excited to step into full time evangelism. Encouraged by the support of our Pastor, Tim Russ, and our church, Greater Vision Baptist Church, we are excited and humbled to be called by God to serve in such a manner.

My name is Lee Short and, in 2016, God began to deal with my heart about going into evangelism. At the time I, along with my wife, Valerie, to whom I have been married since 2010 pastoring but also struggling with what God hoped to do in our life and ministry.   In the spring of 2016, with the counsel of my pastor and a leading from God, I had to take a step back due to serious health issues.  I have taken the last two years to make sure my life was ready 1) spiritually, 2) physically, and 3) mentally to go back into the ministry when God called.  We are excited to announce that that time is now and that my family, including my son Micah (4), my daughter Addison (1), and our lazy dog, and I are ready to say, “Here am I Lord!”

I believe God allowed me to pastor to understand a pastor’s heart.  With that, I understand the fear of bringing a man in to preach to my congregation and wondering, “Is this man going to help me or hurt us?”   In scriptural study of an evangelist’s ministry, I came across two distinct jobs:

1)      To edify and encourage the Pastor and the church.

2)      To evangelize the lost

My desire is to be a blessing to you, your church and your community.  The time that God allows me to be with you and your ministry is time primarily to serve with you.  My prayer is that, when my family leaves, you and the church will be refreshed, recharged, and in a better place than when we arrived. Through evangelistic, revivalistic preaching and singing, our hope is also to be a help to you and your church. In a helping capacity, my ministry thus far has been focused in two areas:

1)      God has saved me and pulled me out of addiction and a hard lifestyle, through this I have been able to use my testimony to help other who struggle with addiction and recovery.  I do not boast of my past, but I do boast of a God who showed me grace and is willing to do so too many others. My wife and I have gone through training through Reformers Unanimous in Rockford, Il, to help those struggling with addictions; I believe with this training and through revival meetings, special days, and counseling, we can labor together to see God help your church and community during this time of nation-wide drug addiction epidemic.


2)      I have also focused much of my ministry on helping churches and individuals with personal Christian growth and maturity.  Whether a one-day meeting or multiple day revival, God has given me sermons and sermon series to help young and old Christians alike with Christian maturity and personal spiritual growth. We take the Word of God and help ground Christians in Bible truths to help them get rooted deeper in God, to get established in His teachings, and grow in faith (Col.2).  I believe, as I witnessed in our church, you will see members gain a greater understanding to the abundant life God offers them in their personal Identity in Christ, the confidence He offers, victory over sin He has won and many other blessings and opportunities God offers and has already won and made available that many Christians are not aware of and/or taking advantage of.


I would like to thank you for taking the time to read our letter and I pray you will seek the Lord on our behalf to see if God would have us partner together.  We look forward to being a help and blessing to you and your church in any way we can. 

Our hope is to

·         Encourage the Pastor

·         Evangelize the Lost

·         Edify the Church


·         Revivals

·         Special days

·         Pulpit Supply

·         Youth meetings/conferences/rallies

·         Addiction and Recovery Revivals, counseling, and meetings

·         Personal Spiritual Growth/Christian maturity meetings/revivals


Pastor, we are praying for you and your church. We look forward to seeing what God does in your community.  In everything we say and do, may God be lifted high and given the glory!


Evangelist Lee Short



“Blessed be the Lord God, the God of Israel, who only doeth wondrous things.”  Psalm 72:18